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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Ideal Democratic canidate.....

In a shocking move to the extremely ridiculous left, the majority of the Democratic Party has endorsed Mr. Jose Frijoles for president.
Mr. Frijoles (Center) is a Mexican National living in the United States. It is Reported that even former president Bill Clinton has Endorsed Mr. Frijoles over his own wife! Mr. Clinton explained that "a Forginer in the white house could do a lot for our country, not to mention the fact that it would show that America is the number one tolerant nation in the world. The Mexican's are a highly agricultural people, having a Mexican president could help bring us supremecy in the agricultural world!" None of the canidate's supporters have answered any questions about the legality of his candidacy. Because Mr. Frijoles is not a citizen he does not qualify to occupy the office. Speaker Pelosi stated that " He would bring a fresh approach to the white house and would do wonders for our economy". Mrs. peloci is right, Frijoles is running on a pro Marijuana platform that could make the US the number one Exporter of the drug bringing in millions from a market mostly dominated by Latin American cartels. The campaign has also announced that it is seeking a running mate in jack black , and wishes to Hire John Heder of Napoleon Dynamite as a campaign manager!