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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh No! The dems are comming the Dems are comming!

Yes it has happened and right before our sorrowful eyes. The liberal Democrats have swept through the nation with cries of, "we need change" and "Americans want change". Don’t ask them what that change is why; well I don’t think they themselves know, and if they do it’s too radical and liberal to tell us without forming uproar. Now I understand that the American people mad their Opinion known. Let’s look at why they voted this way

Some would tell you it’s the war in Iraq, well I agree to some extent. See Iraq is goin trough some issues right now, and granted it’s getting a bit ugly. The only problem is that Congress can not pull our troops out of Iraq. All they can do it
1 declare war
2 Appropriate funding for the military (or refuse to)
3 give the president a kind of outline of what they are looking for in this war and what kind of progress they want to see happen
They already declared war, they won’t take the funding away (cause that would make them look bad) and the president is trying different strategies in Iraq. What’s left oh yea, Impeachments, Investigations, and hearings? All of which would take a very long time and would make the people upset. So what can they do, well not much except for maybe call for more troops or call for redeployment but the executive branch does not have to comply.

Ok the next subject, Bush! I do agree that The Presidents campaigning helped the democrats why, well people are not happy with him we have to face that. President Bush is not the "master politician" that’s why man y of us likes him because he stays true to his principals. But what’s done is done we have to look forward now

In the end I think we need to focus on working with the Dems, if it’s reasonable, and wait till they slip up and 08 comes around. Then we can take congress back