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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Herald has done it again

OK im upset! I just read an article o n the front page of the Miami Herald. What was wrong with it? well to start of it has a huge picture of Raul Castro on it, and is titled Cubas money making machine. I goes on to talk about how in Post Soviet Cuba (which in my opinion Cuba is on of the biggest remenants of the Soviet Union stratigically chosen to pester the U.S. and has closley followed Soviet traditions) the millitary has become more of a busniness and that its intent is not on opressing the cuban people and persuing possible dissdents. alright well this is a LIE! the reason Cubas millitary is not constantly picking out dissidents is because, well they keep the people under their thumb. And if they do find a threat they elliminate it quietly so that no one finds out. They paint Raul as a master business Man and the millitary as a great big Company similar to Microsoft or somthing. C'mon people somtimes it seems that the Herald (and other news papers) are doing more for castro's Government than the government sponsered Grannma is. Next thing you know we will see barbra walters back in Cuba along with pictures of Dan Rather hugging an ailing Castro. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMMING TO?

As always Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!