Well You can come hear my rants about the liberal world around me lol! From time to time I can get a bit tempermental, and If I bother you thats not my problem lol. j/k, I am a christian, All my views are based on my faith! Also I feel that I need to inform you that I am Cuban (this is so you understand my obsession with cuba lol). Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Patriot to what?

It has been brought to my attention by freinds and aquaintences alike (and you know who you are) that somtimes it seems that I am not so much a patriot to the United States of America. Well let me asure you I AM! Heres the deal, see I am a product of immigration and I know that if not for Cuba's situation I would not be here. Becuase of this I feel verry patriotic to Cuba and Spain, (my mother is a Spanish Citizen and so was her father and so on). Dont get me wrong, I would gladly Give my life for this great country! But let us remember the words of the great Marquis de Lafayette, "True republicanism is the sovereignty of the people. There are natural and imprescriptible rights which an entire nation has no right to violate." . what I mean to say is that if at any time the U.S. were to violate the liberties Given to us by he almighty (and I pray and hope the day never comes) I would have to as a Christian and a free citizen of the world ,protect those rights! so I am a patriot to Cuba, a patriot to the U.S. and a patriot to Spain, But I will always be first and formost a Patriot to liberty! For If I had no country liberty would be my home!