Well You can come hear my rants about the liberal world around me lol! From time to time I can get a bit tempermental, and If I bother you thats not my problem lol. j/k, I am a christian, All my views are based on my faith! Also I feel that I need to inform you that I am Cuban (this is so you understand my obsession with cuba lol). Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!

Friday, August 18, 2006


h how all this talk of apeasment bothers me. at the U.N. they are talking about a ceasfire in israel, (if your not extremely conservative dont read on). well all this talk of peace upsets me, I favor a more aggressive policy conserning evil. Yes thats right I said evil. anyone who oposes freedom,Christianity and all that is good in life. Evil is still ou there and my main policy or principle is ERADICATION OF THE EVIL ONES! at whatever the cost. What to do about the civilians, well I would occupy lebenon and evacuate all the non millitants out of suspected Hezbola areas. and then level them. (now you know Why I cant go into politics lol). Look at the example of Nevil chamberlin and Winston Churchill, chamberlin was an apeaser and he invited german agression. Churchill (who opposed Chamberlin's policies form the start) was more agressive, and he helped end the war, a war he said did not need to take place if Camberlin woudl have been agressive from the start.