Well You can come hear my rants about the liberal world around me lol! From time to time I can get a bit tempermental, and If I bother you thats not my problem lol. j/k, I am a christian, All my views are based on my faith! Also I feel that I need to inform you that I am Cuban (this is so you understand my obsession with cuba lol). Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Anyone who supports or is a part of a tryannical Governemnt that undermines liberty and freedom is an enemy of The people and freedom and most of all the Almighty for he has given us the "freedom to lead our lives His way or not". In short any one who is a threat to freedom deserves a bullet to the head im talking riddled with bullets people, swiss cheese!! it may be blunt but Im sure the millions who have given thier lives for and becuase of the lack of freedom will agree. FREEDOM FIRST ALWAYS, CONVINIENCE SECOND!!!!