Well You can come hear my rants about the liberal world around me lol! From time to time I can get a bit tempermental, and If I bother you thats not my problem lol. j/k, I am a christian, All my views are based on my faith! Also I feel that I need to inform you that I am Cuban (this is so you understand my obsession with cuba lol). Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!

Friday, August 18, 2006


h how all this talk of apeasment bothers me. at the U.N. they are talking about a ceasfire in israel, (if your not extremely conservative dont read on). well all this talk of peace upsets me, I favor a more aggressive policy conserning evil. Yes thats right I said evil. anyone who oposes freedom,Christianity and all that is good in life. Evil is still ou there and my main policy or principle is ERADICATION OF THE EVIL ONES! at whatever the cost. What to do about the civilians, well I would occupy lebenon and evacuate all the non millitants out of suspected Hezbola areas. and then level them. (now you know Why I cant go into politics lol). Look at the example of Nevil chamberlin and Winston Churchill, chamberlin was an apeaser and he invited german agression. Churchill (who opposed Chamberlin's policies form the start) was more agressive, and he helped end the war, a war he said did not need to take place if Camberlin woudl have been agressive from the start.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Herald has done it again

OK im upset! I just read an article o n the front page of the Miami Herald. What was wrong with it? well to start of it has a huge picture of Raul Castro on it, and is titled Cubas money making machine. I goes on to talk about how in Post Soviet Cuba (which in my opinion Cuba is on of the biggest remenants of the Soviet Union stratigically chosen to pester the U.S. and has closley followed Soviet traditions) the millitary has become more of a busniness and that its intent is not on opressing the cuban people and persuing possible dissdents. alright well this is a LIE! the reason Cubas millitary is not constantly picking out dissidents is because, well they keep the people under their thumb. And if they do find a threat they elliminate it quietly so that no one finds out. They paint Raul as a master business Man and the millitary as a great big Company similar to Microsoft or somthing. C'mon people somtimes it seems that the Herald (and other news papers) are doing more for castro's Government than the government sponsered Grannma is. Next thing you know we will see barbra walters back in Cuba along with pictures of Dan Rather hugging an ailing Castro. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMMING TO?

As always Viva Marti! Viva Cuba! Y Viva Libertad!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Patriot to what?

It has been brought to my attention by freinds and aquaintences alike (and you know who you are) that somtimes it seems that I am not so much a patriot to the United States of America. Well let me asure you I AM! Heres the deal, see I am a product of immigration and I know that if not for Cuba's situation I would not be here. Becuase of this I feel verry patriotic to Cuba and Spain, (my mother is a Spanish Citizen and so was her father and so on). Dont get me wrong, I would gladly Give my life for this great country! But let us remember the words of the great Marquis de Lafayette, "True republicanism is the sovereignty of the people. There are natural and imprescriptible rights which an entire nation has no right to violate." . what I mean to say is that if at any time the U.S. were to violate the liberties Given to us by he almighty (and I pray and hope the day never comes) I would have to as a Christian and a free citizen of the world ,protect those rights! so I am a patriot to Cuba, a patriot to the U.S. and a patriot to Spain, But I will always be first and formost a Patriot to liberty! For If I had no country liberty would be my home!

The situation in Cuba

August,3rd,06 Cuba is quiet, the Cuban government is still silent. Nothing has been decreed after the power transfer. Raul is said to be very depressed (to which I say great). There have been a Few gatherings, were crouds have Cheered Viva Raul! (yes not Viva fidel) over and over. News came that Fidel's (who will be hencforth known as the idiot in all my posts) son explained to a group of investors in spain that His father was doing fine, and that the operation was a sucsess. Also the idiots sister (who is a disident) recived info from the familiy that Castro was being realeased from Intesive care. This is upseting! This conservative Cuban was hoping for at least a few riots but nothing. The cuban armed forces and militia are on high alert, all we can do is sit and wait. Ill tell you one thing I would have solved this problem years ago. All I would have needed are the Matirials and the means (if you'll take my meaning). As always Viva Marti, Viva Cuba y Viva Libertad!

P.S. That means Long live Marti (Cubas greatest hero) Long live Cuba and Long live liberty!